A whole stack of Rando…

It recently dawned on me that I’ve created quite a backlog of random content that has no fixed abode so I thought I’d set up Ribbingtons as a sort of refuge for it all. Most of it is a by-product of ill-advised pshop/illustrator binges but I thought it only right and proper to give it all a decent home rather than watching it slowly trudge around Facebook and Twitter. Think of it as a Dignitas for troubled pixels.

Anyway, here’s the backlog (there’s quite a lot of it) and I’ll post any fresh horrors just as soon as they’re dragged kicking and screaming into this world. Enjoy.

Cottoning On

I’m trying to learn Illustrator and it is – quite frankly – stoving my head in. It’s like the quantum physics version of pshop where up is down, down is up and rivers flow backwards. However, it has resulted in one minor win: This lovingly vectorised homage to a greatly missed scumbag.

Nick cotton twenty quid

I need it Ma!

Highly Apprentable High Jinx

Thanks to the misguided generosity of Tom from Racing Colour, I recently came into possession of a stylus and thus needed something to practice it on. Luckily enough, the BBC has provided me with 16 perfectly formed idiots on which to experiment with and I intend to keep it up. Zee, you’re next…

apprentice alex mills squaredapprentice jason leech squared

The Orange, The Orange, Wuh-Wuh-The-Orange…

If you live in Yorkshire and own a television, this will make sense. If you don’t then count your blessings and carry on with your life…

Christa Ackroyd orange

Speaking of Yorkshire…

Here’s a couple of pieces of pro-Yorkshire propaganda I knocked up. The story behind the sign is somewhat involved but can be found here while the other may well be deployed in wearable form once I’ve figured out what to fill all the space with. Now go buy my t-shirt

welcome to leeds. we're right you're wrong, yorkshire yorkshire yorkshire.


David Scarediband

Remember that wonderful photo of David Miliband in mid-freak out that was doing the rounds? Well no-one really bothered photoshopping it because a) it was funny enough in itself and b) there were so many streamers and bits of tickertape that it looked like a right old ball ache to cut out. It’s pity then that I didn’t receive my own memo and had to learn first hand just how much of a ball ache the cutting out was. Anyway, here are the results and if anyone would like the original cutout .psd (sans the strapline) then get in touch (contact info’s in the About page).

david miliband scared 1d

david miliband scared di canio

david miliband scared ed

david miliband scared iwo jima

david miliband scared jack nicholson

david miliband scared morris dancers

david miliband scared mumford

david miliband scared rollins

david miliband scared

Balls, Balls, Balls…

Remember Ed Balls Day? No? Well I bloody well do as I spent most of it hunched over Mein Komputor making all this.

ed balls day moses

ed balls training day

Ed Balls Training Day

ed balls crossword

In other Balls related content, the following came about after one of my frequent bouts of Twitter neediness.

ian martin tweet

Oh what horrors it wrought…

jedward ballsJed Balls

We All Float Down Here…

Ever noticed how much the BBC’s Will Gompertz looks like Stephen King’s It?

gompertz it

Fack Blag

I’m neither here nor there with Henry Rollins. Sure, Black Flag were pretty good but let’s face it, they were no Descendents. There is however one thing that he deserves credit for and that’s his neck. His massive bastard neck.

Henry Rollins Neck

enry Rollins Neck

UKIP, The Gift That Keeps On Giving…

Seriously guys, it’s no fun when you make it this easy…

Fuck sanity, vote ukip!

…And I think that’s about it for now. Sorry if I’ve traumatised your eyes and I’ll post new stuff when it slivers out of my brain.


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