The Many Bands Of Henry Rollins

I’m at a bit of a lose photoshop end since packing in Questionable Time – that’s why I end up spending whole afternoons inserting Henry Rollins into random bands. For example…

Henry Rollings the Beatles

Totally improves The Beatles by several trillion percentage points…

Henry Rollins Black Veil Brides Black Flag Brides

Black Flag Veil Brides…. Geddit?

Henry Rollins The Carpenters

Looking more like a carpenter rather than a member of The Carpenters

Henry Rollins Hole Courtney Love

Can’t tell if this a case of Rollins letting himself go or Courtney Love getting her shit together….

henry rollins kajagoogoo

Work it Rollins, work it…

Henry rollins steps

…And my personal favourite, Ultimate Rollins.



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