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madeley in dagenham richard madeley

It’s good to have a hobby…

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Nano Rando!

Things have been pretty busy of late so I haven’t had a great deal of time to get daft – that is until today! Given that I only had a brief window to get all stoopid, I thought it only fair that I should give Madeley a bit of attention – I mean it’s been like three months since I last messed with his visage and that’s just plain slack. Anyway, here it is: Madeley in Manhattan.

madeley-in-manhattan maid richard judy finnigan

Hmmmm, what else? Not much I’m afraid – just this little Reddit Gets Drawn from a couple o’ months back.


So that’s your lot for now – I’ll try and work up some more time to be dumb in. Until then, as you were…

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A Tiny Rando…

enemy-of-the-stayt Charlie Stayt Naga Munchetty Steph McGovern

Must admit that I’m a tiny bit bummed out about this one as it’s surprisingly hard to find decent resolution images of BBC newsreaders that aren’t a) anodyne studio promo shots of them simpering or b) really ropey screen grabs. As a result this B-List Movie Poster is much smaller than I’d like and Stayt is not half as grumpy/angry/vexed as I intended. Still, the shot of Steph’s a belter (I had to trawl deep into her Twitter for that one) and the concept is – even if I do say so myself – solid gold. C-. See me.


Aaaand here’s a Redditgetsdrawn of u/Cavemanrogers that I threw together at great, great haste but actually didn’t turn out all that awful.


As you were

Right. That’s your lot for now – nothing more to see here.

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A Soupçon of Rando

I’ve been a bit pushed for time of late so I’ve defaulted to the ol’ perennials: Rubbish Seaside, B-List Movies and – of course – Madeley. Enjoy!


Remember, you can see this poster’s numerous brothers and sisters over at




Noooooooo idea where I’m going with this…

Right, that’s it for now – go and buy some chosty prints.

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Fried Green Bitterness

hemsley and hemsley fried green tomatoes at the whistlestop cafe

It’s been a while since I’ve done any of my B-List Movie Posters but all that changed when I happened across Eating Well with Hemsley + Hemsley a few weeks ago. Now I don’t know if you’ve seen but it seems to have been created by some evil genius who has gone to great lengths to not only identify all my buttons but also press them with wild abandon. Seriously, it’s an atrocity that handily encapsulates at least 99% of what is wrong with the world right now: Faddy dietary requirements based on a snobbery? Check. Jacked-up prices for basic ingredients based on insufferable prefixes? Check. Presenters that have had a charisma bypass but somehow got the gig because they look like a walking Pintrest board? Check. Mirthless pretentiousness dressed up as HEALTHY FUN FUN FUN!? Check check check! As you can probably tell it doesn’t just press my buttons, it mashes than (interestingly though it’s actually made by the BBC yet goes out on Channel 4. My money says the BBC commissioners saw the finished product, had an Oppenheimer moment – “I have become twee, the destroyer of substance” – before hurriedly palming it off on the opposition).

Anyway, the long and short of it is that I couldn’t let this go without attempting some sort of pshop vengeance and here is the fruits of my labours: Hemsley + Hemsley meets Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe. I think ‘enjoy’ is the wrong word but whatever – enjoy…

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The Wrong Stuff

do the wright thing the wright stuff matthew wright yasmin alibhai brown kevin o sullivan

Alright, I admit it: The Wright Stuff is a guilty pleasure of mine, so much so that I felt the need to smoosh it into Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing. Hey, don’t judge me – it’s better that The Jeremy Kyle Show, ok?

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These Naans – They’re Overbaked…

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the film franchise absolutely no-one’s been dying to see: Paul Bollywood.

paul bollywood

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Sorry about this…

little mix mick hucknall



Oh, and I forgot to post this a couple of weeks ago…

there's something about Mary Berry

…And now you probably thinking it would have been better if I’d not posted it at all. You have my sympathies.



hulk hogan terry wogan

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Good News Everyone!

The triple-A gaming franchise you were waiting for is finally here: Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you Davina McCall of Duty!

MCCALL OF DUTY Davina McCall Call of Duty

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