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Anyone for Slippers?

duality slipknot I push my fingers into my pies misheard lyrics

I am never again drawing anything that contains pies. Ever.

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Mama! Oooh-oooh-oooooooh!

scaramouche did you kill the jill dando

That’s it… I’m turning illustrating misheard lyrics into an actual thing. Don’t try and stop me.

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Girlfriend in a Doner…

morrissey kebab shop this charming naan

Paint a Vulgar Picture? Ok then!

I’ve got to say that I’m pretty stoked with how this turned out and I’m sure that the man himself will just love it… Love it I say! Anyway, props again to Tom from Racing Colour who came up with the caption and no props to Beefy who still insists (quite forcefully in fact) that Morrissey needs a lilly over his shoulder in order for this picture to work. No Beefy, he doesn’t.

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