Taking Self-Abuse to the Super Leagues!

leeds winos rhinos rubgy league

I don’t know what you do with your Sunday’s but I like to spend mine making parody logos of my local rugby league team that involve lots of puke. I find it a very wholesome way to round off the weekend. Anyway, you can get this on all sorts of stuff here → http://www.redbubble.com/people/loudribs/works/22591403-leeds-winos

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ERIN BROCKOVICH novak djokovic

Wish I’d made this before he unceremoniously crashed out of Wimbers this year but better late than never, eh?

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More Frankenfliegers

Remember ages ago when I made that Messerspit? Well, I’ve been at it again – check these out…

zunderbolt p47 thunderbolt zero t6 texan

Gasp! A Zunderbolt! Alright, it’s actually technically a Zexanbolt as it’s one of those T6 Texans they converted to look like a Zero in Tora! Tora! Tora!. Speaking of which, Tora! Tora! Tora! is a really annoying thing to type.

lancerator lancaster liberator

Ye gads! A Lancerator!

momcat f14 tomcat mig 21

Ahhhh! My eyes! A Momcat!

hornado F18 Super Hornet Panavia Tornado

Oh my good gravy, is that a Hornado? No, it’s a Super Hornado!

phorthog A10 Warthog F4 Phantom

And who’s this cute little devil? Why, it’s a Phorthog!

Set Adrift On Memory Bliss…

A few years back I used to run a site called Questionable Time that basically provided a pisstake of each week’s episode of QT. I did it for bloody years, penning the vast majority of reports up to #106 and it did ok – it even ended up running on The Independent website for a while. Anyway, one of its trademarks was that each report was headed with a daft photoshop of David Dimbleby and this is pretty much how I learned the dark arts of photo manipulation (although – truth be told – a relentless diet of photoshopping the same person over-and-over again within eye-watering time constraints is also a great way to send yourself slightly mental) – a few of which I have posted below in an exercise of rheumy-eyed reminiscing… sniff

question time david dimbleby 38

They started like this – just messing with the stock show image. Think that approach held for a good few years.

questionable time 21 david dimbleby john lennon yoko ono

His head then started finding itself in new and exciting situations…

questionable time 33 david dimbleby misfits

Turns out that there’s not a huge crossover between QT and Misfits fans, which is a shame because I was dead stoked when I first did this…

questionable time 50 david dimbleby what the fuck 1

This is one of the first ones that I did with The Independent – a process that turned out to be quite an ordeal as they wanted everything at insano Retina resolutions. Also kind of regretted throwing all the crazy in the world at this one so early in the day. After that they were always like ‘This needs more stupid stuff on it’ to whatever I sent them. Gah.

questionable time 56 david dimbleby 80's lcd game

I always liked this one as it was a big technical victory for me at the time. Still think it looks fair chosty…

questionable time 61 david dimbleby space marine warhammer 40k

If you know what’s going on here then you know what shame feels like…

questionable time 74 david dimbleby passed out

Have at you, VICE…

questionable time 75 david dimbleby dimblescally

This is about the point when I was starting to get to grips with Illustrator.

questionable time 85 david dimbleby loader aliens


If you can’t slip on Aliens refences into your own damn website then I’m not entirely sure what the point of life is…

questionable time 87 david dimbleby manga anime dimble san

I have no idea what that says in Japanese…

questionable time 90 david dimbleby fralichen ziet propaganda poster

The high water mark! I was super-proud of this…

questionable time 94 david dimbleby morrissey

And here’s where we hit peak weird…

questionable time 101 david dimbleby wolf gladiators

Or was this peak weird? Hard to call really…

questionable time the reckoning

And this is where it ended for me…

So, that was a fun bit of blatant self-indulgence, eh?! You damn well bet it was.



Fried Green Bitterness

hemsley and hemsley fried green tomatoes at the whistlestop cafe

It’s been a while since I’ve done any of my B-List Movie Posters but all that changed when I happened across Eating Well with Hemsley + Hemsley a few weeks ago. Now I don’t know if you’ve seen but it seems to have been created by some evil genius who has gone to great lengths to not only identify all my buttons but also press them with wild abandon. Seriously, it’s an atrocity that handily encapsulates at least 99% of what is wrong with the world right now: Faddy dietary requirements based on a snobbery? Check. Jacked-up prices for basic ingredients based on insufferable prefixes? Check. Presenters that have had a charisma bypass but somehow got the gig because they look like a walking Pintrest board? Check. Mirthless pretentiousness dressed up as HEALTHY FUN FUN FUN!? Check check check! As you can probably tell it doesn’t just press my buttons, it mashes than (interestingly though it’s actually made by the BBC yet goes out on Channel 4. My money says the BBC commissioners saw the finished product, had an Oppenheimer moment – “I have become twee, the destroyer of substance” – before hurriedly palming it off on the opposition).

Anyway, the long and short of it is that I couldn’t let this go without attempting some sort of pshop vengeance and here is the fruits of my labours: Hemsley + Hemsley meets Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe. I think ‘enjoy’ is the wrong word but whatever – enjoy…

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rubbish seaside whitby

Alright, despite the title of this post, I actual like Whitby a lot. Still, ‘liking it a lot’ ain’t enough to spare it the wrath of Rubbish Seaside. More here.

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My Own Personal Project Fear

eu ref poster nigel farage george galloway watch the world burn

I’ve taken a very brief break from insulting Whitby to throw my hat into the EU referendum ring. I usually try to keep my gob shut on these sorts of things but I couldn’t let that photo of Farage and Galloway together get away unmolested. Anyway, if you want it as a poster, you can get it here – now back to winding up Whitby!

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