Propaganda Posters

Being the kind soul I am, I thought I’d save you a trawl through the entire site and gather up all my propaganda posters up into one place. I know, I know – I really am a picture of selfless charity. Anyway, here they all are.

eu ref poster nigel farage george galloway watch the world burn

One I did for the Euro Ref off my own bat.

redditgetsdrawn throwawylondon56

Less of a fully fledged poster but still a rather nice propaganda-type portrait I did for a RedditGetsDrawn post.

visit wakefield super gonorrhea war on leeds propaganda

wakefield hipster leeds man propaganda are you talking to the enemy

Here’s a couple of pieces I did in conjunction with @Visit_Wakefield – possibly the most fun people to work with in the world – and I was stoked with how they turned out. Just don’t tell anyone I actually live in Leeds.

questionable time 90 david dimbleby fralichen ziet propaganda poster

This is one from back in my Questionable Time days and damn proud of it I was too…

jeremy corbyn poster beards vests and quinoa

Here’s a little piece of Corbyn related propaganda I did for my own amusement but actually ended up selling rather well. It’s neither pro nor anti-Corbyn but some of his fans didn’t take it that way – nor did some Russian speakers who got in touch to tell me that the text is total nonsense. Bless.

compo propaganda socialist realist peoples republic of yorkshire

Another popular one – I really enjoy doing pro-Yorkshire stuff as it has the self-awareness not to take it too seriously.

hold your nose and vote labour clothespeg peg

nick clegg liberal democrat poster propaganda shhh we wont tell

tory election poster david cameron nigel farage angela merkel propaganda

These three I did for the 2015 election and I was really pleased with how the Labour one turned out.

don't join the army british karmarama

This one’s a straightforward parody of the Karmarama’s Army recruitment campaign, mainly because a) it was just too easy to lampoon and b) I thought it was a bit bloody cheeky of Kamarama to take that account after making it’s name with anti-war placards. Low-effort on my part but that’s what you get if you dangle low hanging fruit in my eyeline.

look north propaganda poster harry gration tanya arnold keeley donovan

I love gently mocking Look North. It’s somewhere between a hobby and vocation for me. Anyway, I wasn’t entirely happy with how this turned out – Tanya and Keeley look spot on but I just couldn’t get Harry down. Hey-ho…


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