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madeley in dagenham richard madeley

It’s good to have a hobby…

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Nano Rando!

Things have been pretty busy of late so I haven’t had a great deal of time to get daft – that is until today! Given that I only had a brief window to get all stoopid, I thought it only fair that I should give Madeley a bit of attention – I mean it’s been like three months since I last messed with his visage and that’s just plain slack. Anyway, here it is: Madeley in Manhattan.

madeley-in-manhattan maid richard judy finnigan

Hmmmm, what else? Not much I’m afraid – just this little Reddit Gets Drawn from a couple o’ months back.


So that’s your lot for now – I’ll try and work up some more time to be dumb in. Until then, as you were…

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How the hell did I forget about this?

richard madeley thrush judy finnigan

This one somehow escaped the trawl of the archives. It came to be thanks to this amazing list of Richard Madeley quotes. Look upon his works, ye Mighty, and despair!

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More Madeley…

He’s my White Whale, my windmill to tilt at, the thing that haunts me in my slumber. He is Richard Madeley and when I’m at a loose end, I like to Photoshop him into old paintings. Very occasionally, I also let Judy in on the act as well.

Richard Madeley Mona Lisa

Richard Madeley American Gothic Judy Finnigan

Richard Madeley Andy Warhole Maralyn Monroe

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Why oh why?!?

Richard Madeley the movie judy finnigan

Told you I was at a loose end.


Oh, and thanks to Jalf for coming up with the strapline. Stone cold genius.

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