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Going for a little Trot…

tom watson poster labour propaganda

So, the party you love has decided to implode under the weight of it’s own absurdity – whatchagonnado? Make absurd posters about the absurdity of the absurdness, that’s what (well, either that or curl up in a ball and weep uncontrollably at the prospect of a Tory government until 2025).

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Just doin’ my bit…

Since none of the major parties have asked to me to make them election materials, I took it upon myself to produce some.


Behold the new face of Labour:

hold your nose and vote labour clothespeg peg

It’s a riff on this classic poster and you can buy it in t-shirt form here.

I’ve also got a little Lib Dem number:

nick clegg liberal democrat poster propaganda shhh we wont tell

Tory one on the way…

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