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Oh City of Mine…

rubbish seaside leeds at least it's not manchester

Yeah yeah yeah – I know: Leeds is not by the sea. The thing is that I live in Leeds and the natives (whom I have to walk among, day in, day out) have been getting restless and somewhat threatening in their demands for their own poster. Given that I already suffer enough abuse at their hands, I thought it only prudent to knock this little beauty together and also take the opportunity to get even with Manchester at the same time (we have a great many scores to settle, Manchester and I). So here we are, Leeds in all of it’s awful, awful splendour and not a pier, promenade or esplanade to be seen.

Postcards and prints available from the Rubbish Seaside Etsy store or at Fabrication in The Light, Leeds…

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Taking Self-Abuse to the Super Leagues!

leeds winos rhinos rubgy league

I don’t know what you do with your Sunday’s but I like to spend mine making parody logos of my local rugby league team that involve lots of puke. I find it a very wholesome way to round off the weekend. Anyway, you can get this on all sorts of stuff here → http://www.redbubble.com/people/loudribs/works/22591403-leeds-winos

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Leeds Man

Here’s another collaboration I did with @Visit_Wakefield and very pretty it is too. Consider me Proudribs.

wakefield hipster leeds man propaganda are you talking to the enemy


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West Yorkshire = Best Yorkshire

Got a new t-shirt out, specifically to rub it in the faces of Yorkshires North, East and South. That’s right, West Yorkshire = Best Yorkshire and to prove it, here’s Leeds City Hall, Emley Moor Mast, Bradford Alhambra and Salts Mill.

west yorkshire best yorkshire emley moor mast bradford alhambra leeds city hall salts mill saltaire

Ignore the cunning anti-theft brown paper – the t-shirt version looks a little more like this:


And is available here

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This week’s daftness is brought to you in conjunction with the wonderful @VisitWakefield – a Twitter account that’s doing its level best to inflict the North’s premier tourist destination/cultural hotspot/portal-to-hell upon the rest of the nation. The below effort is part of their #WarOnLeeds campaign – a development I fell slightly conflicted about given that I’ve lived in Leeds for the last 14 years – and an important message it is too. Give ’em a follow – you won’t regret it.

visit wakefield super gonorrhea war on leeds propaganda

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More Rando Than You Can Shake A Stick At…

It’s that sort of time where I have a trawl through my hard drive and scoop up all the bits and bobs that never quite made it beyond a fleeting tweet or some such nonsense. So, whadawegot?

First up is this little experiment of mine to see how easy it was to knock up something vaguely hipsterish looking. Turns out it it’s very bloody easy indeed.

stop making everything so twee hipster

Next up is a bit of punt I took on some Guardian Witness thing. They wanted a new logo for Andy Murray – they got this thing that looks worryingly like it might some far-right gang tag.

andy murray logo

Here’s a little B-List Move that slipped through the net – Eat, Pray, Lovejoy!

eat pray tim lovejoy

A while back I was clowning around with one the wonderful Ricky Adam’s photos – ended up looking pretty good but that’s mainly because Ricky takes bloody brilliant photos…

ricky adams cell shaded

I briefly got quite into blowing up cities in photoshop. Here’s Leeds:

leeds skyline apocalypse dystopia ruins

And London:

city of london charming ruins

Believe it or not, I’m actually a right aviation dork – so much so that I spent way too long smooshing this Spitfire together with a Messerschmitt in the hope of making a Frankenfighter…

frankenfighters messerspit Messerschmitt Spitfire

Right, the next bunch of things probably won’t make a great deal of sense unless you’ve ever come across Polandball. To the uninitiated, it’s basically about making stupid cartoons with very bad grammar in MS Paint that relate to history and geopolitics. I know, sounds like a blast, right? Actually, some of them are incredibly funny and it’s a great community so do check out /r/polandball if you’re interested. I personally only really do the single panel stuff that belongs in /r/polandballart – here’s a few of them…

This one was for a Polandball Film poster contest…

english patient polandball

One for their noir contest…

polandball noir

Speed Polandball 2!

polandspeedball 2

And here’s a Yorkshireball gazing down upon a Lancashire Hotpot with barely concealed contempt…


yorkshireball polandball

Last but not least, here’s little old me. I got roped into doing some Movember portraits and had to a self one as part of the deal. I’m just not quite so blue in real life.

self portrait loudribs

…And that’s yer lot…

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