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GTA: Brexit

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This has taken an absolute bloody age to do and also remind what a ball ache Cameron is to draw (he’s essentially featureless – it’s like drawing a fatberg) but – at last – it is done! Behold, my GTA: Brexit poster – the carnage simulator for those who’ve graduated from mowing down pedestrians to stacking whole nations into a wall. You can get this design on all sorts of cobbler here.

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My Own Personal Project Fear

eu ref poster nigel farage george galloway watch the world burn

I’ve taken a very brief break from insulting Whitby to throw my hat into the EU referendum ring. I usually try to keep my gob shut on these sorts of things but I couldn’t let that photo of Farage and Galloway together get away unmolested. Anyway, if you want it as a poster, you can get it here – now back to winding up Whitby!

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Can I Interest You In Some… Low Hanging Fruit?

nigel farage straight jacket

…I’m having a ball.

Having spent the best part of a day fretting over which crap celeb to insert into a strange context I did what I always do when I’m stuck for ideas – I typed ‘Nigel Farage’ into Google Images. If you’ve never tried the above then do it right now for it is thing of wonder – a whole world of goofy absurdity unlocked in 13 little keystrokes.


Anyway, here’s the result and it’s Nige doing what he does best…

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