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Oh City of Mine…

rubbish seaside leeds at least it's not manchester

Yeah yeah yeah – I know: Leeds is not by the sea. The thing is that I live in Leeds and the natives (whom I have to walk among, day in, day out) have been getting restless and somewhat threatening in their demands for their own poster. Given that I already suffer enough abuse at their hands, I thought it only prudent to knock this little beauty together and also take the opportunity to get even with Manchester at the same time (we have a great many scores to settle, Manchester and I). So here we are, Leeds in all of it’s awful, awful splendour and not a pier, promenade or esplanade to be seen.

Postcards and prints available from the Rubbish Seaside Etsy store or at Fabrication in The Light, Leeds…

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Scarbed For Life

Rubbish Seaside Scarborough Tagged We're Sorry

Ever wondered what happens when Yorkshire takes its top off, lets its hair down and embarks on an epic two-week bender? No? Then you’ve clearly never been to Scarborough and experienced the full horror of God’s Own County on holiday. To those that have, all I can say is that I’m deeply, deeply sorry (says the man who recently had his honeymoon in Scarborough)


Cups, cards, posters and the like here…

Prints to follow…

Much, much more of this nonsense available over at RubbishSeaside.com

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rubbish seaside whitby

Alright, despite the title of this post, I actual like Whitby a lot. Still, ‘liking it a lot’ ain’t enough to spare it the wrath of Rubbish Seaside. More here.

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Inexplicable Seaside Success and Assorted Rando

So it’s been a while since I posted here and if you’re in the market for excuses then stand by because I’ve got a doozie up my sleeve: You know those seaside posters I do? Well, I finally got around to making a proper website for them and then things went a little mental. Here’s a small list of some of the places they ended up.

The Metro

The Brighton Argus

The Grimsby Telegraph


The Northern Echo

The Great Yarmouth Mercury

The Torquay Herald Express

…And it’s even got to the point where you can get fancy Giclée prints of them either by popping into the Vivid Palette Gallery in Brighton or by dropping me a line. I know, I’m as surprised as you are. Anyway, all of that’s gobbled up huge amounts of time but I have been able to sort out a new one: Behold – Southport!

southport rubbish seaside

While all of this was going on, the Mail Online ran a piece about Rubbish Seaside – not that I knew anything about it as they hadn’t bothered to talk to me/ask permission to use the images/link back to my site/any of the usual common courtesies you tend to associate with journalistic integrity – and loath as I am to link to the article, it is worth checking out if only for the comments. There’s a small selection on the poster below to give you a taste so don’t come crying to me if you find yourself OD-ing on batshit rightwing craziness. Here’s the link and consider yourself forewarned.

rubbish seaside daily mail comments poster

What else then? Not a lot I’m afraid, apart from a couple of Reddit Gets Drawn pieces I forgot I did and a weird Hunter S Thompson thing I never quite got around to finishing. Still, watch this space – more seaside silliness to come.

redditgetsdrawn shibits

u/shibits’ lad…

redditgetsdrawn fleynx


redditgetsdrawn throwawylondon56


Should you want something similar doing to your face and you’re willing to throw money at me, again, drop me a line


Yeeeeah – whatevs…


Ooh, and I also found a bear I drew and a weird pshop of Peter Capaldi as a clown!


capaldi clown

I know… It’s terrifying. Sweet dreams one and all!

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Rubbish Seaside – The Revenge

After much badgering, I finally got around to taking my little Streetview car around Great Yarmouth and boy, what a target-rich environment it turned out to be. So here we are – Great Yarmouth – East Anglia’s answer to Blackpool. I’m just gutted that the Louis Tussards House of Wax has closed.

great yarmouth rubbish seaside travel poster

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Another one that slipped through the net…

As is often the case, I total forgot about this little maneuver in my long-term life plan of trolling Look North until they finally give up and let me on the show: Behold, the Look North Bingo Card!

look north bingo card harry gration

Alas, it’s a little out of date as they appear to have kicked their Lendal Bridge obsession of late but the rest still stands.

Oh, and the lovely people at Redmolotov – proving once again that they are way more on top of things than I – have put together a lovely little map of Rubbish Seaside locations. Bless their 100% cotton t-shirts which you can buy for a very reasonable price, including all of these splendid Rubbish Seaside numbers.

rubbish seaside map

PS – Cool new header image! ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑

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Further Rubbish Seaside

Since I’ve had so much fun bad mouthing everyone elses hometowns I thought it only proper to mine. So here it is: Teignmouth – historic port, jewel of South Devon and a place where nothing much happens. Ever.

teignmouth the fun stops here

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Bournemouth: The Penultimate Destination

Sorry Bournemouth, but you just got Rubbish Seasided…

Bournemouth: The Penultimate Destination

Bournemouth: The Penultimate Destination

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Supplimental Rubbish Seaside

First up is the place of my birth – genteel, elegant and sophisticated Southsea. Hold on a sec – turns out that it’s still Portsmouth.

Southsea - It's Still Portsmouth

Southsea – It’s Still Portsmouth

Available in t-shirt form here: http://www.redmolotov.com/catalogue/tshirts/all/southsea-tshirt.html

Posters, cards and prints here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/loudribs/works/15043190-southsea-its-still-portsmouth?c=390900-rubbish-seaside

And then to Redcar – one of the British coasts easier targets.

Redcar - Dystopia-on-Sea

Redcar – Dystopia-on-Sea

Available in t-shirt form here: http://www.redmolotov.com/catalogue/tshirts/all/redcar-tshirt.html

Posters, cards and prints here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/loudribs/works/15043190-southsea-its-still-portsmouth?c=390900-rubbish-seaside

Oh, and totally forgot about this old chessnut. It’s all in the name really.

Grimsby - Any Port In A Storm

Grimsby – Any Port In A Storm

Available in t-shirt form here: http://www.redmolotov.com/catalogue/tshirts/all/grimsby-tshirt.html

Posters, cards and prints here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/loudribs/works/15043190-southsea-its-still-portsmouth?c=390900-rubbish-seaside


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Rubbish Seaside

I love Brighton. The Frau Ribs and I usually go once a year but man, it ain’t half pleased with itself. That’s why I threw together this little number:

Brighton you'll never be cool enough vintage railway poster

Available in t-shirt form here…

Posters, prints and cards here…

I have – on the other hand – no beef with Morecambe but apparently one of it’s denizens does and even went to the trouble of requesting a poster of it’s rubbishness. Hopefully this will do the trick:

morecambe it's not wise vintage railway poster

Also available in t-shirt form…

Posters, prints and cards here…

And here’s the pair that kicked it all off: Cleethorpes and Blackpool…

Cleethorpes vintage poster crap seaside the last resort

T-shirt here…


T-shirt here…

Southsea (where I was born) next!

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