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Scarbed For Life

Rubbish Seaside Scarborough Tagged We're Sorry

Ever wondered what happens when Yorkshire takes its top off, lets its hair down and embarks on an epic two-week bender? No? Then you’ve clearly never been to Scarborough and experienced the full horror of God’s Own County on holiday. To those that have, all I can say is that I’m deeply, deeply sorry (says the man who recently had his honeymoon in Scarborough)


Cups, cards, posters and the like here…

Prints to follow…

Much, much more of this nonsense available over at RubbishSeaside.com

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West Yorkshire = Best Yorkshire

Got a new t-shirt out, specifically to rub it in the faces of Yorkshires North, East and South. That’s right, West Yorkshire = Best Yorkshire and to prove it, here’s Leeds City Hall, Emley Moor Mast, Bradford Alhambra and Salts Mill.

west yorkshire best yorkshire emley moor mast bradford alhambra leeds city hall salts mill saltaire

Ignore the cunning anti-theft brown paper – the t-shirt version looks a little more like this:


And is available here

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A Short Stack of Rando…

So it’s been a while (mainly because I’ve been totally distracted trying to fill up http://www.misheardlyricsillustrated.com with content) but here’re a few homeless bits and bobs that have been lurking on my hard drive.

Sharpe sean bean yorkshire aye sir

Reet Sharpe…

Welcome to London that'll be £50 motorway sign

It’s probably £120 by now…

hemingway is tired of your bullshit

Well, I can’t blame him really…

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