My name’s Jack and I’m the guy who used to run questionabletime.com – the UK’s leading provider of strange Dimbleby photoshops and related nonsense – as well as Noobminster, Misheard Lyrics Illustrated and Rubbish Seaside.


If you like what you see here and think your site/project/business/whatever could use a little bit of it then feel free to drop me a line at shutupandeatyourcoal [at] gmail dot com or tap me up on Twitter as I’m always in the market for commissions/freelance work. Alternatively, if you’re a local news outlet that’s trying to whip up a sweaty wave of outrage over one of my Rubbish Seaside pieces, then please feel free to get in contact as I have form when it comes to these sorts of things.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Pik Botha as Colonel Kurtz is a fine thought. Can I suggest Vladimir Putin as Col Kilgore (the attitude, the bantam-cock chest, the threat to Vlad of dawn liquifaction unless he gets his surfboard back); Russell Brand as The Photojournalist (the capacity to babble outright shite at Mach 4 while retaining a semblance of cool); and Lynton Crosby as The Bunnies’ Agent (who’ll happily pimp his tender charges in return for a tank of gas). Or were you alluding to ‘Heart of Darkness’ rather than ‘Apocalypse Now’? in which case ignore the foregoing. Enjoyable site anyway.

    • loudribs says:

      Now that’s my kind of cast! Funnily enough, I once met a man who claimed to be the real Colonel Killgore’s door gunner. He was visibly unhinged enough that it was either stone cold true or the biggest lie in the world. I like to think it was the former. Oh, and for my two cents I’d like to put forward the Rev. Paul Flowers as Lance B. Johnson – PBR gunner, So Cal surf star and all-round space cadet.

  2. I recently had a weekend in Brighton and borrowed your poster picture (credited, of course) for my Facebook album Brighton in Winter. You might like a look. Love your seaside images, Angus.

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