My name’s Jack and I’m the guy who used to run questionabletime.com – the UK’s leading provider of strange Dimbleby photoshops and related nonsense – as well as Noobminster, Misheard Lyrics Illustrated and Rubbish Seaside.


If you like what you see here and think your site/project/business/whatever could use a little bit of it then feel free to drop me a line at shutupandeatyourcoal [at] gmail dot com or tap me up on Twitter as I’m always in the market for commissions/freelance work. Alternatively, if you’re a local news outlet that’s trying to whip up a sweaty wave of outrage over one of my Rubbish Seaside pieces, then please feel free to get in contact as I have form when it comes to these sorts of things.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Pik Botha as Colonel Kurtz is a fine thought. Can I suggest Vladimir Putin as Col Kilgore (the attitude, the bantam-cock chest, the threat to Vlad of dawn liquifaction unless he gets his surfboard back); Russell Brand as The Photojournalist (the capacity to babble outright shite at Mach 4 while retaining a semblance of cool); and Lynton Crosby as The Bunnies’ Agent (who’ll happily pimp his tender charges in return for a tank of gas). Or were you alluding to ‘Heart of Darkness’ rather than ‘Apocalypse Now’? in which case ignore the foregoing. Enjoyable site anyway.

    • loudribs says:

      Now that’s my kind of cast! Funnily enough, I once met a man who claimed to be the real Colonel Killgore’s door gunner. He was visibly unhinged enough that it was either stone cold true or the biggest lie in the world. I like to think it was the former. Oh, and for my two cents I’d like to put forward the Rev. Paul Flowers as Lance B. Johnson – PBR gunner, So Cal surf star and all-round space cadet.

  2. I recently had a weekend in Brighton and borrowed your poster picture (credited, of course) for my Facebook album Brighton in Winter. You might like a look. Love your seaside images, Angus.

  3. VINCENT says:

    Hey man, Doing a course in Graphic Design, looking for contemporary artists/designers and the like and stumbled upon yer website. So just thought Id leave a comment. Think yer stuff is on the money. Being an ‘activist’ artist myself its great when one finds other like minded individuals amidst all of the mediocrity thats out there. Fantastic stuff. Best Vincent

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